Polymer materials. Products, equipment, technology magazine

Specialized monthly magazine “Polymer materials. Products, equipment, technology” is published since 1999 and is intended for production managers, engineers and technologists involved in manufacture and processing of all polymer material grades in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. The magazine presents information on advanced technologies and modern equipment, conditions and development tendencies of the Russian and world industrial markets.

The magazine has been created in order to render information support to the readers in their professional activities. It publishes information on advanced technologies and modern equipment, conditions and development tendencies of the Russian and world industrial markets.

In 2005 a cooperation agreement was signed with the leading European professional edition KUNSTSTOFFЕ, Germany. Every month a special insert in our magazine acquaints the readers with new achievements of the European, and German in particular, machine building in the field of polymer material processing.

Among our authors are leading Russian and foreign specialists who discuss issues of the day concerning application of modern equipment, production technology for manufacture of a wide range of polymer products, application of various grades of raw materials and semi-finished products to manufacture a wide spectrum of products using processed polymer materials.

The audience of the magazine:

producers of granulate, polymer sheets, foam plastic material, plasticizer, polyamide, polyvinylchloride, polycarbonate, polymer fiber, polyolefine, polypropylen, polystyrene, polyuretan, polyethylene, thermosetting plastic material, resins, thermoelastoplastic material, polymer pipe, polymer profiles and suppliers of equipment and tooling, raw materials and semi-finished products.

Our magazine has its own web-site (www.polymerbranch.com) that is not merely an electronic version of the hardcopy but offers a wide range of information resources and services to our visitors.

Besides an electronic version of the last issue you can also learn of the next issue topics and see the archive of our publications. You can also make you subscription for all our editions here.

Sites of all our publishing house editions are interactive so after completing a simple registration and authorization procedure every visitor can, for example, place an article on the site, ask professional questions, participate in a forum and exchange opinions with other forum visitors. Our forums offer an excellent opportunity for communication. Easily obtaining any available information, you can also make your voice reach other members of the professional community.

Polymer materials. Products, equipment, technology” magazine is distributed by subscription and by direct mail on the whole territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Circulation in 2006 is 4000 copies. Volume is not less than 64 pages. Frequency -12 issues annually. Subscription index in Russia and CIS countries – 40871 in the Pressa Rossii catalogue.



Products – 38 % ; Equipment, molds and tooling – 27 %; Polymer materials and rubbers – 19 %;
Fillers and additives – 7 %; Service and education 7 – %; Adhesives – 2 %



Central Region – 53 %; Ural Region – 4 %; North-West Region – 12 %;
Siberian Region – 7 %; Volga Region – 15 %;
Far East Region – 1 %; Southern Region – 8 %


Direct mail – 63 %; Authors and research organizations – 3 %; Exhibitions and fairs – 16 %;
Subscription – 15 %; Advertisers – 3 %

BASF SE, Bayer MaterialScience, LANXESS AG, SIBUR, Gazpromneft, ENGEL, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag
battenfeld-cincinnati, Koch-technik, TEXTIMA, Schnorr fon Carolsfeld, BALITEH, Formotronik. VIVTECH, Hai-tian etc.

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E-mail: olga.sh@polymerbranch.com

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